Working Remotely from Italy - Andrea Motta's Interview with the Breaking Web

Andrea Motta a 'The Breaking Web'

I was recently a guest at The Breaking Web to share my professional journey and highlight how it’s possible for those living in Italy, especially in the south, to work remotely for companies based abroad.

But let’s go step by step – scroll down below the video of the interview (in Italian) and find out more!

Table of Contents

Work Remotely for Companies Based Abroad

I am an SEO consultant and marketing expert who began my career in the UK a decade ago. I have since moved to Italy and transitioned to a fully remote working position, first working for a German company for a year and a half, and now working for a company based in Malta.

Working remotely offers a lot of flexibility and freedom, but it also requires strong self-discipline and organization to manage time and stay focused.

In the interview, we discuss how important is to have a good daily routine and to set boundaries between work and personal life to maintain balance and stay productive.

What Technical Knowledge does an SEO need?

Then, together with the hosts of The Breaking Web, who were named among the top 50 SEO professionals in Italy by WhitePress we shared advice for those who want to enter the SEO job market, both in Italy and abroad.

We talked about the role of an SEO professional and the technical knowledge they need to have. While having a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be helpful, it’s more important for an SEO professional to understand how search engines work, be able to analyze data and stay updated with industry trends and best practices.

Congrats to The Breaking Web team to be listed among the top 50 SEO & Digital Marketing Experts in Italy

Employed or Self-employed – Which is Better?

Another topic of discussion was whether it is better to work as an employee or to be self-employed, perhaps working on affiliate marketing projects.

My view is that it depends on personal needs and preferences, but both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Working for a company or agency may provide more financial stability and the opportunity to work with colleagues in a structured environment.

Additionally, companies often provide benefits like private health insurance, wellness budget, or paid vacation. However, there may be less flexibility in terms of project choices and freedom of action.

On the other hand, being self-employed or working on your own projects as an affiliate can provide more flexibility in terms of project choices and creative freedom.

How important is off-page SEO in 2023?

Ultimately, we discussed about the importance of off-site SEO in iGaming and gambling projects.

Although some Italian SEO experts have expressed scepticism about the importance of link building in the recent ‘SEO Trends Italy 2022-2023‘ report by Digital Coach, both myself and The Breaking Web team mentioned that off-site still play a crucial role.

After all, as mentioned in the last paragraph of this blog, there are dozens of off-page tactics that continue to make a difference in website positioning, especially in very competitive niches.