SEO Manager Andrea Motta Interviewed by Students from Leonardo Sciascia School

Andrea Motta Orazio Ardizzone

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Video: Andrea Motta's Interview with Leonardo Sciascia School Students

Today I am happy to share a video dating back December 20, 2020, when I had the privilege to be invited as a guest at the “Cronisti per Passione” (Journalists for Passion) project, organised by the “Ora Comunicazione” agency. The event was live-streamed on MCTV and focused on my conversation with students from Class III D, which corresponds to Year 9 in the UK or 8th Grade in the US. These students were from Leonardo Sciascia Middle School in Misterbianco, situated in the Catania province.

What makes this interview unique is the fact that I was in Poland at the time, temporarily stranded due to flight cancellations to the United Kingdom. I had been living in the UK for nearly a decade, but my travel plans were disrupted due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant’s spread in the country.

Event Hosts

The event was hosted by the Headteacher, Sabina Maccarone, and Orazio Ardizzone from MCTV. I was truly impressed by the students, as they posed well-thought-out questions during the discussion. These questions encompassed various subjects, including my experiences living abroad, how the COVID-19 pandemic was managed in the UK, and the reactions of Britons upon the discovery of the vaccine. 

As we neared the conclusion of the video, our conversation shifted to my role as an SEO Consultant. I had the opportunity to offer valuable advice to the students, guiding them as they contemplate their future paths.

"Knowledge Should Be Shared Like Planting Seeds"

Almost three years after that event, I’ve returned to appreciate how rewarding it was to offer young school students a fresh perspective on career opportunities. This is especially significant in a context where traditional careers like becoming a lawyer, engineer, or teacher still dominate, even as numerous new career paths emerge, especially in the digital realm.

I’m genuinely curious about the paths these students have chosen over time and whether my words have had any influence on their decisions.

As an SEO Consultant and Speaker, I would be honoured to have more opportunities to engage with students from schools, because it allows me to inspire and inform the next generation, helping them explore new and diverse career paths. By sharing my experiences and insights, I aim to empower them with the knowledge and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their futures and navigate the ever-evolving professional landscape effectively.

As the late Andrea Camilleri said in 2019, ‘Knowledge should be shared like planting seeds; knowledge shouldn’t be reserved for an elite few.’ This message holds particular importance when it comes to guiding the next generation and making their journeys smoother.