Etna Digital Academy Gains SEO Expertise with the Addition of Andrea Motta as Instructor

Andrea Motta

Catania, February 1, 2024 – Andrea Motta is pleased to announce his role as an instructor in the upcoming Digital Marketing Master’s program at Etna Digital Academy. He will lead the modules dedicated to SEO and Digital Analytics.

The closed-number Master’s program is set to commence on March 10 of this year and will conclude on June 22. In his capacity as an internationally experienced SEO Consultant, Motta will conduct courses on SEO and Digital Analytics scheduled for Saturdays, May 25, and June 1 2024.

The total duration of the Master’s program will be 90 hours, equivalent to 15 full-time days. Upon completion of the program, students will gain a wealth of practical experiences, coupled with the opportunity to undertake a 30-day internship at a local company. Additionally, they will receive the Eiapss Social Media Manager certification, along with Google Ads Search & Display certifications.

"Thrilled to be able to give back to the community"

“I’m excited to have been chosen by Etna Digital Academy to lead the modules dedicated to SEO and Digital Analytics.”

“After a decade spent in the United Kingdom,” continued Motta, “it is an honour to return to Catania, with the opportunity to give back to the community and connect with local entrepreneurs.”

“My biggest desire? To contribute to raising awareness in the region about the fundamental importance of SEO and Digital Marketing, training the young digital natives who are destined to be the future of digital professions in the coming years.”

Etna Digital Academy

What is Etna Digital Academy?

Etna Digital Academy stands out as the first school in Catania to exclusively offer professional training courses for those aspiring to pursue a career in the digital arena.

Since 2018, Etna Digital Academy have dedicated their efforts in nurturing the new generation of digital talents. This is facilitated by fostering their integration into the workforce through agreements and a strong network of contacts in the local community.

Andrea Motta
Andrea Motta presenting his SEO module at the latest Open Day

What is the Master's in Digital Marketing at Etna Digital Academy?

Etna Digital Academy’s Online Digital Marketing Course provides essential skills to kickstart a successful career in the marketing and communication industry, both within companies and in advertising and consulting agencies.

With contributions from experienced international instructors, such as Andrea Motta, the course delves into topics ranging from social media marketing to SEO, from copywriting to storytelling.

Structured into 13 highly informative modules with active tutor support, the program allows students to acquire a broad range of practical skills in the digital realm.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to develop multichannel marketing plans, manage brands on social and new media, understand market dynamics and consumer expectations, create winning online content marketing strategies, and evaluate the success of digital marketing and communication activities.

In addition to Andrea Motta, prominent figures such as digital marketer Annalisa Mondello, food blogger Marco Rinaldi of Pistacchissimo, content creator Rosario Rapisarda, and Digital Project Manager Bruna Urzì will be among the instructors.